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The mission of Queued IN is to provide professional development events tailored specifically for contact center leadership and professionals.

CPI’s Queued IN Events Help You

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Gain practical insights and best practices that you can implement immediately

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Drive incremental revenue and cost savings for your organization

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Create a closer connection with your customers

Previous Topics

Take Your Genesys Platform to the Next Level with Advanced Analytics

Our presenter, Stuart Geros, (Chief Product Officer of Prophecy International), will show you how Advanced Analytics can take your Genesys Contact Center investment to the next level.

Uncover Hidden Knowledge in Your Contact Center

Learn how to harness existing knowledge in your Contact Center and share it with everyone who interacts with your customer.

Knowledge Management has been referred to for years as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Is it really?

Omnichannel and Islands of Data in Your Contact Center

Are you feeling the pressure from the ever-increasing demands of providing an omnichannel customer experience?

The number of communication channels provided by the typical contact center is staggering and the pressure to add even more is mounting. If you can relate, you won’t want to miss the webinar.

Meet Gen Y: An Intriguing Panel Discussion with a Generation You Should Get to Know

Did you know that by 2017, Gen Y will outspend Baby Boomers?

This year alone in the U.S., Gen Y will collectively shell out $240 billion. That incredible buying power from such an intriguing generation poses unique challenges for contact centers.

6 Best Practices for Implementing Knowledge Management for Your Contact Center Agents and Customers

Would your customers get the same answer if they asked two different contact center agents the same question?

Would your agent’s response be the same as the information posted on your website, mobile app or Facebook page?

Learn How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Roadmap for Your Contact Center

When someone says “multi-channel,” do you break into a cold sweat thinking about the last time you had to learn a new remote control for your television?

Take a practical look at Multi-Channel Technology and the positive impact it will have on your customers and your business.

Inbound Email Best Practices for Your Contact Center

Many organizations today are flooded with customer emails.

These are important communications from your customers, but tracking and responding to them can be taxing and straining for resource-strapped contact centers.

Learn how to efficiently take advantage of the treasure trove of information that comes in every day through email.

IVR Design Best Practices

Learn how to balance your business strategy with consumer needs and successfully navigate the process of IVR design, implementation and monitoring.

“83% of customers say they will avoid a company after a poor experience.”

This webinar will help you balance your business strategy with consumer needs and successfully navigate the process of IVR design, implementation and monitoring.

Customer Experience Journey Mapping Workshop

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look through the eyes of your customers and understand their experience with your organization?

Customer Experience (CX) Journey Mapping is a customer-focused, in-demand methodology that allows you to look through your customers’ eyes and understand their experience with your organization.

Learn 5 Practical Steps to Catapult Your Contact Center through the Next Wave of Customer Expectations

“By 2020, the customer will manage 85% of the relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human.” (Source –Gartner).

So, how do you prepare?

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