Uncover Hidden Knowledge in Your Contact Center

Learn how to harness existing knowledge in your contact center and share it with everyone who interacts with your customer.

Knowledge Management has been referred to for years as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Is it really?

Our presenter, Derrick Chin, will help you think “out-of-the-box” when it comes to Knowledge Management in your Contact Center. He’ll show you how leveraging Knowledge can help your Contact Center uncover Knowledge that already exists in your organization, share it with everyone who interacts with your customer, improve first contact resolution, and enable self-service. Knowledge is an untapped resource and this Queued IN event can start you down the path to get more out of it.

Here are a few critical questions Derrick will answer during the presentation:

  1. What exactly does Knowledge Management mean? (It may not be what you think!)
  2. Where are key places that Knowledge might be hiding in your contact center?
  3. How can you harness Knowledge today in your contact center?

About our Speaker


Derrick Chin is the Director of CX Solutions at CPI. He has more than 15 years expertise in customer experience knowledge and execution. He is passionate about helping his clients improve the experience they offer their customers. One way Derrick accomplishes this is through teaching his clients how to harness existing Knowledge in their Contact Centers.

Through offering Knowledge to your customers, Derrick can help your organization leverage the Knowledge that already exists within your Contact Center – helping you make your Knowledge available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year…not just when your star agents are scheduled to work.