Ready2 Municipal 3-1-1 Solution

Ready2 is an accelerator built on the foundation of Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud is a CRM tool that improves customer service and daily operations through the use of its service request management, knowledgebase, and customer portal. Ready2 enhances the Oracle Service Cloud CRM tool allowing for better purpose-built insight into daily activities through industry-specific analytics, a 360-view of all customer interactions with automatic routing of incoming correspondence, and a searchable, self-learning knowledgebase.

Citizens expect more from their municipalities, including easy access to report issues and faster response times. In addition to constituent and resident needs, modern municipalities are changing the workforce to better serve its residents. With CPI’s Ready2 Solution, municipality’s resources will have access to Service Requests in the office and out in the field with a knowledgebase on hand to ensure accurate and timely responses.

Ready2 Features

Capture the voice of the community

  • Community reporting
  • Community feedback submission and management

Increase visibility and provide real-time insight into service delivery

  • 360° view of all customer interactions
  • Service request trend reporting
  • Direct access for departments responsible for actions

Do more with less

  • Automatic service request routing
  • Potential features include Permit Application
  • Ordinances and Resolutions (Knowledge Base)
  • Deflect phone calls by providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions


  • Each interaction can be captured as a Service Request which allows your services team to track this interaction for future reporting.
  • A full interaction history is available for each constituent.
  • All Service Request details from all channels are aggregated into a single Service Request history.


  • Consistently answer questions by giving access to knowledge to both your service representatives and constituents.
  • Knowledge is self-learning and evolves with popularity.


  • Forms and applications stored through the searchable Knowledgebase and customer portal
  • Municipal requests are submitted via Oracle Service Cloud web form (Ask a Question)
  • Records of all municipal requests are stored in the cloud database



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