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Turn the Most Complex Call Flows into a Work-of-Art

With some of the most complex call flow designs numbering dozens of pages or more, they can become quite complex! It is easy to get lost in the vast details. Precision, organization and consistency are key components of a good call flow design and should not be overlooked or underestimated. In CPI’s extensive experience of helping contact centers document and implement complex call flows, without a coherent, detailed design, your customers will ultimately suffer!

Good call flow designs should not only show the high-level routing of calls, they should also show technical details as well, such as file names, exact script, etc.  This will give the engineer enough detail to actually build the call flow rather than just a general idea of what should happen. Good call flow designs should satisfy all who will use it, including the engineer who will implement it. Designed by CPI Communications Engineer David Currier, the Call Flow Tool Kit will give your business the tools necessary to document an optimum call flow design.

With the Call Flow ToolKit you will be able to:

1) Easily and coherently organize your design, including technical details, an invaluable tool for call flow design

2) Achieve uniformity and continuity, regardless of the length and complexity of your call flow, by continually using the same specific symbols

3) Focus more on asking the right questions in regards to your call flow purpose and design, while focusing less on the tedious visual mapping aspects of call flow design

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