IVR Design Best Practices

IVR Design Best Practices – Watch the Pre-Recorded Webinar, Download the IVR Best Practices Scorecard and Get the Slides

“83% of customers say they will avoid a company after a poor experience.”

This webinar will help you balance your business strategy with consumer needs and successfully navigate the process of IVR design, implementation and monitoring. Presented by Interactive Intelligence’s Contact Center Solutions Consultant Rebecca Gibson.

How many times have you gotten frustrated using a company’s IVR? How many times have you hung up your phone and thought, “I’m never dealing with that again”? A recent study by Interactions Corporation found that “more than 8 in 10 consumers (83%) say they will avoid a company or stop giving it business after a poor (IVR) experience.” The study, which was conducted by New York University’s Assistant Professor of Communications Liel Leibovitz, also found that over 70% of those consumers who have a bad IVR experience will then pass along their IVR horror story through family, friends and various social media platforms.

With IVR horror stories and the looming threat of customer dissatisfaction, the best IVR experience is like an escalator ride – you do not remember the “great” ones! With IVR becoming an increasingly common business practice, the goal of IVR should be two-part: as a business, you strive for an efficient, cost-saving IVR; as a customer, you want a convenient IVR that is user-friendly and meets your personal needs. The best IVR design increases service efficiency while reducing customer effort because ultimately, companies create loyal customers primarily by helping them solve their problems quickly and easily.

Important lessons you will learn in this webinar:

  • How to evaluate your current IVR and compare it to your current business priorities.
  • How to implement the goals of your IVR into a cost-efficient, yet user-friendly design.
  • IVR design best practices:
    • How to align IVR with your business strategy and customers’ needs.
    • How to design efficient customer interactions.
    • How to design an IVR that reflects your business and technology strategies.
    • How to efficiently monitor and update your IVR.

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