Is Your Multi-Channel Approach Meeting Your Customers’ Needs?

Learn How to Create a Successful Multi-Channel Roadmap for Your Contact Center

When someone says “multi-channel,” do you break into a cold sweat thinking about the last time you had to learn a new remote control for your television?

We may struggle with switching between multiple channels at home, but the marketplace has adapted well to multi-channel. In fact, your customers want multiple ways to reach out to you – not just by phone, but by email, chat and through social media. Does your contact center know how to efficiently deal with those multiple channels? Which ones are you adding this year?

Webinar Takeaways

After watching this webinar, you will walk away with:

    1. Knowledge on different channels that customers are using and the technology that helps you support those channels.
    2. Insights on how to build a multi-channel business case.
    3. A real-life example of how a business is successfully implementing and using multiple channels for their customers.

Join Todd Marthaler for an informative and practical look at Multi-Channel Technology and the positive impact it will have on your customers and your business.

About the Speaker

Todd MarthalerTodd Marthaler is a 20-year veteran of the contact center field and a Contact Center Solutions Consultant with Interactive Intelligence.

Before joining Interactive Intelligence, Todd was a Business Analyst and Client Services Manager for a top Interactive Intelligence Partner. He has managed several multi-channel and multi-site contact center operations with Fortune 500 Companies in the retail, hospitality, utility and service verticals. He has a passion and focus for positioning the companies he services to deliver the ultimate customer experience. He has expertise in IVR and Call Flow Design, Workforce Management Implementation, Workflow Optimization, Operations Management, Quality Assurance and Voice of the Customer programs.

Todd has been an active speaker at Interactive Intelligence Partner Conferences for the past five years, a recent speaker at the ICMI Conference in Atlanta and has been a panelist at conferences held by the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals.

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