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After training thousands of people on how to use the Interaction Client over the years, we have noticed a common problem: Making the switch from just using a phone on the desk to harnessing the full power of the Interaction Client can be overwhelming. If your users are like most, it can take time for all of that information to sink in – more than just one or two training sessions. That’s why we created the Interaction Client on-demand “Did You Know” video series. We wanted to make it easy for you and your colleagues to learn how to use the client at a time and pace that is easiest for you.

What you will get with the Interaction Client “Did You Know” Video Training Series:

We will send the video series guide as well as a disk that includes copies of the entire 12-part video series that you can upload to your private network to share with your colleagues. And, we might even throw in a bag of popcorn. You will also get instant access to a pdf version of the video series guide with links to videos that are accessible on YouTube.

Training topics that the Video Series covers:

  • A Tour of the Interaction Client
  • Managing Your Status in the Interaction Client
  • 5 Different Ways to Make a Call from the Interaction Client
  • Basic Call Control with the Interaction Client
  • Transferring and Conferencing with the Interactive Intelligence Client
  • Recording, Parking and Camping with the Interaction Client
  • Advanced Features of the Interaction Client
  • And 5 More…

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