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The Interaction Client “Did You Know” Video Series by CPI

1&2) Is your phone a boat anchor?

What is a client and why should I use it?

People used to collect music on albums, 8-tracks, cassettes, or CDs. Today, we carry an entire music library on something the size of a credit card. In the same way, your phone has evolved. Your Interaction Client provides power, presence and portability that a phone alone simply cannot offer. Learn why in this video.

3) A Tour of the Interaction Client

Overview of the 6 major areas of the Interaction Client

Consider this your basic roadmap on the major areas of the Interaction Client. Get familiar with the Interaction Client menu bar, number field, My Interactions tab, status indicator, Company Directory, and Configuration menu.

4) Managing Your Status in the Interaction Client

The smallest line in your client is the one with the most power.

The smallest line in your client is the one with the most power. The status indicator allows you to communicate your presence to 3 types of people: your company operator or administrative assistant, your colleagues and, most importantly, your customers.

5) Managing Directories in the Interaction Client

How to stop wasting your valuable time looking up phone numbers

Do you have an out-of-date company phone listing tacked on the wall of your cubicle? Did you know, all of that information is available at the click of a button in your Interaction Client? You can even add personal contacts for quicker access.

6) Placing Calls from the Interaction Client

5 ways to make a call without touching the phone on your desk

Until you actually begin placing calls with the client itself, it’s difficult to understand how much easier it is than actually dialing the number on your phone. In this video you will learn how to place calls using click- to-dial, the drop-down list, call history, text dialing, and the dial pad. Master the art of placing phone calls from the client.

7) Basic Call Control with the Interaction Client

The Phone’s ringing – now what?

What happens when you receive a call? This edition of our Interaction Client “Did you Know” video series provides practical training on how to use your Interaction Client to answer and manage calls. You will learn how to use the button bar for basic call control and even learn how to pull callers out of voicemail.

8) Transferring and Conferencing with the Interaction Client

See how easy it is to transfer calls and create instant conferences with just a click

Did you know that your Interaction Client offers several ways to transfer and conference calls? In this video you will learn how to use blind transfers and consult transfers. In addition, you will learn how to create an instant conference with the click of your mouse.

9) Recording Parking and Camping with the Interaction Client

3 powerful tools that many people don’t even realize are there

I’ll bet you think phone calls are just for talking. Did you know that, using your Interaction Client, your calls can park and you can go camping – without a tent? Watch this video to learn how these

10) How to Customize the Interaction Client to Your Unique Needs

Tips and Tricks to customizing your client

In this video we show you how to customize 4 areas of the client: alerting settings, recording personal prompts, setting general preferences, and enabling the Auto Status Changer. Make it work your way.

11) Working Remotely With the Interaction Client

Where Are You Working Today?

Whether working from a home office or an igloo, you can take the power of your client with you. Learn 4 different methods to receive your communications: by setting your status, logging in to a remote number, logging in to a remote workstation, and by using remote tools such as web/mobile client editions. It’s easier than you think.

12) Advanced Features of the Interaction Client

Get the most out of your Interaction Client with these power user features

Did you know that you have the ability to create rules for your calls just like you can for emails? This video will show you how to do that as well as set up other advanced features. Become a power user today.