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American Academy of Osteopathy

American Academy of Osteopathy


Expansion and growth leads to new and exciting changes for AAO. Learn how CPI’s Enterprise Phone System is helping them raise the bar. 


American Academy of Osteopathy

Since 1937, American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) has been striving to teach, research and advocate the science of osteopathic medicine. To accomplish this, AAO provides programs to raise awareness for the profession, educational modes to help the general public understand the whole person approach of osteopathy and continuing education opportunities for practicing Doctors of Osteopathy (DO).

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Growth Enabled

The solution provides the freedom to affordably grow the organization

Improved Customer Experience

The new technology allows AAO to deliver a better quality experience to each client


IP Office has helped us raise the bar. Not only does it look more professional than our old system, but it allows us to deliver a better quality experience to each of our clients. “

Sherri Quarles | Associate Executive Director | American Academy of Osteopathy


The Challenge

Over the past 76 years, AAO has seen a tremendous amount of growth in their industry. As the demand for osteopathic medicine has increased, so has the need for the organization to expand the Indianapolis association office. One of the biggest challenges they faced was that their antiquated, 20-year-old phone system did not have the ability to support their growing organization.

Furthermore, the way the handsets were programmed was confusing, the intercom was in poor working condition and the overall connection quality was inferior. The system became a regular nuisance and headache to operate, plus it was hindering AAO’s growth. The phone system had to go.

The Solution

After the long process of interviewing four different telecommunications companies, Sherri Quarles (Associate Executive Director) chose CPI. Sherri explained, “Dane from CPI didn’t try to upsell me. He was honest, listened to the needs of our organization and connected us with an outstanding product, IP Office from Avaya. Our new phone system and handsets have been a great fit for our small business!”

IP Office has given Sherri and AAO the freedom to affordably grow their organization with a few simple modifications. The new handsets are easier to use, and the quality of the connection has immensely improved. A couple additional convenient features that the AAO team is now enjoying are:

  • Voicemail to email: No need to punch in cumbersome access codes. The voicemail is automatically emailed to the appropriate person.
  • Auto attendant at night: Gone are the days of the receptionist sorting through one main voicemail box every morning! Calls are precisely routed to each individual’s voicemail box – freeing up valuable time for the receptionist to focus on other projects.

“IP Office has helped us raise the bar. Not only does it look more professional than our old system, but it allows us to deliver a better quality experience to each of our clients.” – Sherri Quarles, Associate Executive Director

The Results

Within months of upgrading their phone system, AAO is expanding. They plan to be settled into their new, larger office space by the beginning of 2014.

“As we face this big move, it’s reassuring to know that Don, Dane and the other members of our CPI team will be there to help us every step of the way. They are great people and an absolute pleasure to work with!” – Sherri Quarles, Associate Executive Director

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