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Founded in 1985, Celadon Group, Inc., is one of North America’s leading transportation and logistics companies, providing long-haul and regional full-truckload freight services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. With over 2,800 drivers and revenue exceeding $1 billion, the company operates roughly 3,000 tractors and 8,500 trailers. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Celadon has a reputation for progressive management that includes a technologically advanced and fuel-efficient fleet as well as proactive initiatives to support a cleaner environment.

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At a Glance

About Celadon Group

  • Celadon Group, Inc.
  • Industry: Truckload Shipping
  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Founded: 1985
  • 1 operations center
  • 120 driver managers


  • Restrictive routing capabilities
  • Abundance of siloed queues and toll-free numbers
  • Repetitive transfers
  • Limited access to driver information
  • Lack of consolidated reporting

Offerings & Solutions

  • CPI Engineered Genesys PureConnect Solution
  • Digital
  • Inbound
  • Omnichannel Desktop
  • Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Quality Monitoring


  • Improved routing capabilities
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Improved driver satisfaction
  • Increased efficiency for driver managers
  • Reduced costs with a single administration
  • Flexibility to support new communication channels


Mike Gabbei | CIO | Celadon Group

““The Genesys PureConnect customer engagement suite can work wonders, particularly when you have a great partner like CPI leading the deployment,”

Mike Gabbei | CIO | Celadon Trucking Services, Inc.


Inefficient Routing and Reporting

Celadon had a legacy PBX and call center solution that made it difficult to manage communications between drivers and driver managers. Because the systems had limited routing capabilities, Celadon established an individual routing queue and toll-free number for each of their 120 driver managers.

Frequent assignment changes to different fleets meant drivers called wrong numbers and dealt with multiple transfers from one agent to another. When calls were received, driver managers didn’t have caller ID information, which meant they had to ask for the driver’s truck number and name. This was both inefficient and irritating for drivers who called multiple times each day.

Siloed queues also created significant reporting challenges. Queue statistics were cumbersome to measure. Reporting only provided a view of each driver manager, which staff then had to merge using time-consuming tabulations in spreadsheets. With continued growth and increasing driver turnover, Celadon needed an easier, more efficient way for drivers to communicate with driver managers, as well as a more comprehensive reporting approach to guide business decisions.

Defining Requirements

To improve communication among drivers and driver managers, Celadon sought a solution that enabled their dispatch team to route inbound calls from drivers directly to the assigned driver manager. They also wanted the ability to use multiple layers of logic to route driver calls to the most qualified driver manager within an associated fleet. Celadon turned to Genesys for help.

“We decided on Genesys because they have a superior product and a local connection,” said Mike Gabbei, Celadon’s Chief Information Officer. “It was the natural choice.”

Celadon first worked with CPI, a Genesys solutions and service partner in Indianapolis, to simplify inbound call paths to a single driver support number with an option to speak with a driver manager. The solution uses skills-based routing and queue logic to look up a number with each incoming call and then route it to the assigned driver manager. If the assigned driver manager isn’t available, the driver can wait or speak with the next available driver manager.

CPI also worked to integrate PureConnect with Celadon’s social customer service application. Now, Celadon driver managers receive screen pops that include driver name, driver identifier, truck identifier and interaction history, as well as additional information to provide efficient, first-call resolutions for busy drivers.

Benefits of Increased Efficiency

Since the implementation of PureConnect, Celadon has removed every fleet toll-free number. There is now only one phone number, with a very limited number of auto-attendant options. Drivers are connected efficiently with their assigned driver manager or the most applicable, secondary agent who can assist them—virtually eliminating agent-to-agent transfers.

Drivers no longer need to identify themselves each time they call. Driver managers greet them by name and can use the CRM to review relevant information about their situations. The results have been measurable—75% of drivers now have the ability to speak with their primary driver manager when they call in. Reporting also occurs within the application and no longer requires IT teams to compile and tabulate large sums of data to draw out queue statistics.

Because of the success of PureConnect, Celadon plans to roll out the solution to their customer-facing teams. They also will implement text messaging, web chat and email management strategies to support their goals to improve efficiencies, unify channels and gain greater operational insights.

“The Genesys PureConnect customer engagement suite can work wonders, particularly when you have a great partner like CPI leading the deployment,” said Gabbei.

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