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MJ Insurance


MJ Insurance uses CPI-engineered Interactive Intelligence IP telephony solution to increase employee productivity and improve service


MJ Insurance

MJ Insurance is a property-casualty insurance agency specializing in construction, manufacturing, sororities, coal mining, transportation and other commercial sectors. The company also provides comprehensive employee benefit programs. MJ Insurance is the largest locally-owned, privately-held, independent insurance agency in Indiana. It is currently ranked among the top 100 in the U.S., according to Insurance Journal publications. MJ Insurance was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with an office in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Increase Efficiency

Employee productivity has increased, and service has improved


The adaptability of the new system allowed MJ Insurance to tailor the technology to meet its unique needs

Improve Collaboration

Connected two offices in different states using a single telephony platform


“CPI kept our deployment team on track and on schedule while providing the expertise we needed to ensure we could get maximum value from CIC.”

Donna Bender | Director of Operations | MJ Insurance


MJ Insurance is among the 100 largest privately-held insurance agencies in the U.S. It has reported increased employee productivity and improved customer service as a result of deploying the CPI-engineered Interactive Intelligence (Nasdaq: ININ) enterprise IP telephony software suite, Customer Interaction Center™ (CIC).

“CIC’s unified messaging has given our business users access to voicemail and email from a single inbox, which has reduced the amount of time they spend chasing down and responding to messages,” said Director of Operations Donna Bender. “Adding to this increased productivity is the fact that CIC gives employees unified messaging access from a mobile device or a web browser, so they are equally productive from the road – something our sales force has really benefited from.”

MJ Insurance has also reported improved customer service as a result of CIC’s presence management feature.

“By giving employees visibility into the presence or status of others – such as ‘on the phone,’ ‘at lunch’ or ‘on vacation’ – we can more effectively route customer and partner calls for better service,” Bender said.

MJ insurance replaced a Siemens PBX and an Octel voice messaging system with CIC. The company sought a new system after learning that Siemens would no longer support replacement parts.“The trigger to replace our system was the end-of-life notice, but it proved ideal for taking advantage of new unified communications features while tying our two offices together using a single-platform telephony solution,” said IT Project Manager Kathy McDonald.

The insurance company selected CIC based on its architecture, features and ease-of-use, according to McDonald. “We loved CIC’s unique single-platform architecture that ran a wide range of unified communications applications,” she said. “This simplified architecture meant faster deployment and easier management.”

Today, the CPI-engineered CIC telephony suite supports all MJ Insurance employees located at its Indianapolis headquarters and its Phoenix office. CIC gives MJ Insurance employees functionality for IP PBX, unified messaging, voicemail, auto-attendant, conferencing, reporting and a desktop client with presence management and corporate directory lookup.

“CPI kept our deployment team on track and on schedule while providing the expertise we needed to ensure we would get maximum value from CIC,” Bender said.

“CIC has given us four-digit dialing between our two locations, and we can now see who’s available at each office, which has enabled us to service customers faster and more effectively,” McDonald said. “CIC’s features, such as conferencing, are also much simpler to use than our old system.”

According to Bender, the combined benefits of CIC have helped the company fulfill its overarching mission. “Our mission statement focuses on giving employees the tools they need to exceed client expectations while providing competitive differentiation,” she said. “CIC’s streamlined and flexible architecture has enabled us to adapt it to our unique business needs instead of the other way around, which means we can use it to directly support our mission statement for the benefit of the entire company and our customers.”

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