State and Local Government Oracle Service Cloud Accelerators

Why Choose CPI.Solutions?

We have over 30 years of contact center experience with a history of working with many different government clients across the United States. Our experience can help you engage with your constituents, get their requests to the right people, and respond quickly to help all residents have an excellent experience while ensuring your operational needs are met.

Why Choose an Oracle Service Cloud Accelerator?

Our team at CPI believes a tool can only be as effective as the design allows. We take pride in making sure we understand the underlying reasons a tool exists before customizing it for the specific needs of our clients. Our accelerators come from deep conversations with field experts to account for many of the core functionalities that you are looking for. With a jump start from our accelerators, we can focus on the customizations that will help your implementation be more impactful, quicker.

CPI is Trusted by Organizations around the World, Including:

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