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SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, In-App Messaging, and Kik

About Quiq

Customers are busy and crunched for time. The last thing they want to do is call customer service. We make it easy by letting them text or message your agents directly via SMS/Text, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, In-App Messaging, or Kik. Quiq makes it convenient for your customers to communicate with your organization anytime, anywhere.

With Quiq mobile messaging for business, you can simply enable your phone numbers, even 1-800 numbers, to send and receive SMS and text messages. Chances are customers have already been trying to text those numbers anyway.

of consumers prefer messaging a company over a phone call

Be Where Your Customers Are

Message with customers on an existing phone number, website, mobile app, or on social media. With Quiq, you can enable conversations to happen whenever your customers want on a platform that feels personal and secure to them.

CPI Implementation Package Features

  • Client discovery session
  • Custom workspace
  • User training/ train-the-trainer session
  • Quiq administrator training
  • Post-launch support
  • 12-week post-launch optimization

Product Features

Quiq SMS/Text Messaging for Business
Interact with customers the way they interact with…well everyone

Quiq Facebook Messenger
Build tighter social relationships with customers

Quiq Web Chat for Business
Deliver help right when your customers need it most

Quiq Outbound SMS
Bulk messages or personal 1:1 messages to customers

Quiq Voice/IVR Deflection
Shift phone calls to text messages for a better experience

Quiq In-App Messaging
Foster customer loyalty by delivering an exceptional in-app customer experience

Quiq Messaging via Kik
Connect with your younger audience

Find Out How Quiq Can Help You Connect with Your Customers

CRM Integrations

Quiq Messaging and Oracle Service Cloud

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, Quiq Messaging’s integration with Oracle Service Cloud gives your agents the ability to receive and record customer interactions originating through text, web chat, or social media. Say goodbye to “swiveling” between applications to manage conversations. Quiq allows Oracle Service Cloud to create incidents from social, text, and chat right within your current Service Cloud user interface.

Quiq Messaging and Salesforce

Put your customers at the center of every conversation. With Quiq Messaging’s integration to Salesforce, you can capture leads and customer service cases directly from text, chat, or social. Quiq’s advanced functionality (such as its Adaptive Response Timer (ART), routing, and queuing) makes customer engagement collaborative and real-time. Now that’s what we call putting more “flow” back in your workflow.

Quiq Messaging and Zendesk

The Quiq and Zendesk integration automatically converts inbound messages and chat conversations to tickets. With Quiq Messaging, receiving and solving customer service inquiries from text, chat, and social is seamless and straightforward. Agents can handle messaging tickets with the speed of Quiq while being powered by the customer data in Zendesk. The combination of Quiq and Zendesk allows you to offer the engagement channels most popular with consumers and elevate the level of service you deliver.

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